Shooting Package Mafia in Tallinn
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Shooting Package Mafia in Tallinn

What's included

  • Instructor
  • Guns with silencers
  • Sniper rifle


Hey tough guy! Think you're a potential Tony Soprano or Michaeol Corleone? Well now you can act the gangster, trying out Mafia-style weapons at an awesome Tallinn shooting range.

Wannabe wiseguys of the world: unite! You've seen all the classic Noo Yawk gangster movies, with the silenced pistols and the sniper guns - and now you can fire them for real (at targets though, not at double-crossin' rats!). We have an awesome range of weapons at the range, but don't worry if you're new to this shooting business - there will be an instructor at hand to show you how to use the weapons correctly.

Note: you'll need to be sober for this one, for obvious reasons!

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