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Soviet Paintball Assault in Tallinn

Soviet Paintball Assault in Tallinn

What's Included

  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Instructors
  • 200 balls
  • All Equipment including protective clothing.
  • Overview

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take control of a genuine paintballing field. With many obstacles and barriers in place to make the this an event to remember.

To add to the chaos the instructors will throw smoke grenades and incendary effects during the games. We have included 200 balls to start you off and all the equipment you will need.

Extra balls can be purchased at 5p each. You should need approx 100-200 balls per hour of play. You will also get return transport with drinks and sandwiches as rations! Only available April to mid October as frozen ‘balls’ hurt like hell!

Note: if the weather is bad – i.e. it’s raining – you’ll play on a different, more suitable, field, with a house with changing room facilities.

After trying paintball why not shoot some real guns (no shooting each other though) – book our Tallinn shooting activity..

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