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Fake Arrest in Tallinn

Fake Arrest in Tallinn

What's Included

  • Fake arrest – fake police, with fake police car
  • Strip club entrance
  • Strip show.
  • Overview

It’s the stag’s worst nightmare: an arrest in a dangerous foreign city…

Picture the scene: you and the boys are on the pleasant streets of Tallinn getting ready to go out; but then two fake locals turn up out of the blue and make an “arrest”…

How it Works

Your guide will meet your group, and tell you she will take you to a bar. On the way there 2 fake policemen will ”arrest” the stag, and drive him blindfolded to the strip club, where the rest of the group is waiting. There the stag will receive a special strip show on the stage. Relief for the stag – and tonnes of fun for everyone!

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