Female Strip Show In Vienna

Female Strip Show in Vienna

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Female Strip Show in Vienna

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Get Your Kit Off!

Do you know a certain man who's about to get married who deserves a seductive strip show on his stag weekend in Vienna? Treat him now!

Every lad wants himself a cheeky little strip tease before he hangs his boots up for good. Allow Pissup to arrange for one of our sexiest strippers in the Austrian capital to show up at your bachelor's apartment unannounced. Once she steps foot in the door, she'll demand his attention, and he'll have to do exactly what she says because she's the boss now. He better brace himself for what comes next. They call it the last dance for nothing.

What To Expect

We'll collaborate with the best man beforehand to agree on a location where the performer will show up. Most people choose for it to be the hotel they're staying at to keep things simple.

It's best we keep this one from the stag. He doesn't need to know what dirty plan you have up your sleeve. Be sure to tell the rest of the group to keep it under wraps, so they don't spoil the surprise. His reaction will be worth it in the end.

Our hot performer will arrive and ring the door bell at the agreed time. Who could it be? Standing in front of him will be the sexiest lady he has ever seen in his life. The woman he's supposed to marry back at home will be just a distant memory as soon as he feasts his eyes on one of the hottest women in Austria.

The steamy stripping performance will last for 15 minutes overall. Make sure you boys find a comfortable seat to get a good glance at her bumping and grinding all over your pal. Unlucky for you, she's all his.

There's an option for our stripper to come in for a sexy wake up in the morning. If this is something you'd prefer, feel free to contact us beforehand so we can arrange it.

Since this is more of a solo activity and your buddy gets all the action, arrange something for later on that day that includes everyone, like our escape game activity. Go deep underground to try to solve a number of challenges and riddles before the time runs out. You can choose between two unique situations on the day, and you'll have 60 minutes to get through them. Relax on the booze the night before this one because it involves a serious amount of brain power.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • If you decide to book the sexy wake up call, please do this from 10 am onwards.
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