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Rage Room in Vienna

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Rage Room in Vienna

What's Included
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Equipment & Safety Gear
  • 60 min. Playing Time

Blowing Off Some Steam From Time To Time Is Important!

Want to unleash some anger? Come to Vienna's Rage Room on your stag do and smash up everything sight.

Letting rage build up over a long period of time isn't good for anyone. Vienna's rage room caters to those who need to release some tension and cause some destruction. It's a concept where players get all the tools they need and are permitted to go hell for leather on a furnished room, smash what they like, and break everything in sight.

What To Expect

The smash room is near Belvedere Palace, so you could walk there, or at worst, you'll have to take a short train ride from the main centre of the city.

A qualified instructor will be taking care of you for the day. They'll meet you at the entrance of the arena ten minutes before your activity start time.

Before you get started, there will be a short safety briefing to make sure nobody gets hurt. You'll be using seriously dangerous tools, after all, so your safety is paramount. If you've any questions, that's the perfect time to ask because when you're in the room, it's every man for themselves.

Some of the tools provided to your group will be some crowbars, baseball bats, and some other crafty things you can use for destruction. Everyone in the arena will have to wear a helmet, goggles, and overalls, and the staff will give these to you free of charge before you begin.

The room will be fully decorated with lots of home furniture, exactly like you'd see in your house. We all have that one annoying piece of furniture in our humble abode that we'd love to destroy; all you have to do is imagine that piece is in the room and go all out. Your missus isn't here to lay down the law now. You're sure to need a boogy in the club after this.

Your group will have 60 minutes in the room in total, so there's plenty of time to wreck havoc. Once the TV is smashed, it's gone, though, so make sure you're the first one to get there. You're sure to need a boogy in the nightclub after this.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Under no circumstances should anyone drink any alcohol before or during the smash game. If someone is drunk, they won't be allowed into the room.
  • It's important not to fool around when you're using the weapons. Someone can easily get hurt if you're not careful, so please be safe at all times.
  • You need a minimum of three people in your group to play the Rage Room.
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