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Scary City Rally in Vienna

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Scary City Rally in Vienna

What's Included
  • 120 min. Playing Time
  • Qualified Instructor
Treasure Hunts

Some Say Ghosts Still Exist In Vienna!

Explore the haunted and mysterious parts of the city while participating in exciting challenges in our scary city stag do rally activity in Vienna.

Mentally prepare yourselves for one of the biggest freights of your lives! Our scary city rally is one experience that will make the hairs stand up on the back of your necks. Discover Vienna's frightening corners while hunting for ghosts and vampires. Solve clues and crack codes and find out the secrets behind mysteries behind haunted locations where only the brave would dare set foot.

What To Expect

Your guide will meet you at the following address at your activity start time - Stephansplatz, 1010 Vienna - They'll split you up into teams; the goal will be to find enough clues so you can crack the hidden code which awaits at the end of the game. Who has the strength to get there before the two hours runs out?

You'll set off on a spooky adventure through the eerie streets and haunted corners of Vienna to uncover the true stories of haunted houses and mysterious torture chambers. Imagine the restless spirits that could be watching you.

Each mystery that you solve will bring you one step closer to cracking the hidden code that binds the secrets of Vienna's haunted history. Your team's fate will be revealed at the game evaluation after you get to the final station, that's if you make it....

It's going to be an evening of frights, jumps, screams, mysteries, and unearthly encounters in the Austrian capital. Who's going to be able to face the haunted secrets that lie beneath the surface of Vienna's historic streets? We're about to find out!

All the equipment you need to find the clues will be provided to you at the beginning by your instructor; don't lose it, or else it could result in a disappearance or two. No groom means no wedding; who's going to be responsible for that one?

After all the running around Vienna's street, you may fancy a cocktail or two. Reserve a space in our cocktail bar and secret pub visit activity with two welcome drinks per person included and two shots on the Wheel of Fortune; whatever option you land on, you drink.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • This is a team based activity, so your group will be split up into two separate groups. A minimum of ten people will be needed to fill this requirement. We can't accept any smaller groups.
  • Please bring a jacket in case it's cold or raining during the day since it's an outdoor activity.
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