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Self Drive Motorboat in Vienna

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Self Drive Motorboat in Vienna

What's Included
  • 40 min. Motor boat self drive on the Danube
  • Qualified Instructor
  • 20 min. Briefing
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The Boat Is Calling Lads!

Has driving a sports motorboat yourself always been a dream of your stag? Book him this exhilarating experience for his weekend away in Vienna today.

Let your bachelor live out his childhood dream by taking a speed boat ride up the famous Danube river in the Austrian capital. He'll get to understand the boat's technology, the rules of the water, and how to anticipate the traffic he may come into contact with along the way. Before he knows it, he'll be hitting incredible speeds in a modern 400 HP motorboat.

Hopefully, he's a good swimmer if he happens to fall in.

What To Expect

The boat training class will start at the Donaumarina in Vienna along the Danube river. You can easily take a short bus ride or walk if your hotel is close enough. This excursion is only for one person, so you boys will have to resist the temptation and watch the groom have his fun.

A qualified instructor will look after him for the duration of the activity. They'll go through everything he needs to know before he gets his opportunity on the river.

Once the instructor thinks your bachelor has grasped the skills, he'll hit the water for 40 minutes of independent driving time. That man is going to be like a child at Christmas.

Since the groom has had all his fun, you boys deserve some too. Why don't you look at booking one of our group activities, like a couple of rounds of laser tag? Split up into teams and head out into a dark indoor arena. Hide behind corners scouting the enemy like bloodthirsty animals. Shoot the opponents on site in order to gain some points for your squad. Only one team can come out victorious. Who will it be?

Activity Availability

  • Motorboat rides on the Danube are bookable from April until October. Plan your pal's stag do accordingly if it's something he'd love to do.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The boat driver must have good swimming skills in the case of an emergency.
  • No driving license is required to drive the boat, only good listening skills.
  • The driving time is split up between 20 minutes of instructions and 40 minutes of self driving time.
  • If the weather is bad on the day, the speedboat experience will not go ahead.
  • This boat riding course is for one person only.
  • Extra charges apply for spectators/chaperones. Please book these as add ons. The maximum number of people allowed is 8.

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy

  • A person to accompany the boat driver on his self riding experience.

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Accompanying person for Motor boat self drive on the Danube
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