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Beer Bike in Vilnius

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Beer Bike in Vilnius

What's Included
  • Driver
  • 90 min. Beer Bike Tour
  • 20 l of Beer
  • Pissup Guide
Beer Bike
Landing Page

Climb aboard the beer bike and take in the sights while getting more pissed as you peddle.

This is a super idea for groups that don’t want to waste valuable drinking time or miss what the city has to offer. It is suitable for larger groups of up to 14 guys.

Located close to the hotel, the bike includes 20 liters of beer to keep you all going and lasts for two full hours.

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities and this is a sure fire way to have a great laugh. Don’t miss the scenery and let us do the organizing so you can stick to the booze.

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