Vilnius Beer tasting image

Beer tasting in Vilnius

Beer tasting in Vilnius

What's Included

  • Local guide
  • Transport
  • Beer specialist
  • 11 different types of beers (tasting)
  • Snacks
  • Overview

Homer Simpson said it best: 'Mmmmmm, beer'! If you're a beer lover then we're sure you'll want to book this awesome beer tasting activity.

We're going to take you to a beer specialist (yes they exist!) who will lead a tasting session where you'll get to sample 11 different types of Lithuianian beer. Don't worry about getting too sloshed though because there'll be tasty snacks to help soak up some of that liquid gold. After the session we're sure you'll leave with knowledge and a smile on your face!

Guide and two way transport to the beer tasting venue included.

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