Scary Room Game Warsaw

Scary Room 60 Minutes Game in Warsaw


Scary Room 60 Minutes Game in Warsaw

What's Included

  • Pissup Guide
  • 60 min. Escape Room
Escape Rooms

Scary room in Warsaw – solve the puzzles and escape, or stay in the room forever…bwahahaha!

This is where having a brainbox in your group might come in handy! You’ll need to use all your logical skills to search out the hidden clues, codes and puzzles. There are 7 different themed rooms, and we always choose the one best suited to group size. And this also means we can accommodate groups of up to 30 guys playing at any one time!

Note: Transportation not included. But a friendly female guide will pick you up at hotel, and then – either taxis or public transport – take you to the venue. It’s close, a maximum of 5-10 mins drive away.

Add-Ons & Extras

Ask your Party Planner to add to your trip!
Bottle of Polish Vodka + Soft
  • 1 bottle of Spirit
  • 2 l Soft Drinks
Private Minibus / Taxis
stag arrest
  • Stag Arrest Prank
  • 2 x Fake Policemen
Chuck Attack
  • Chuck Norris Prank
  • Pissup Guide
Sexy Bride Prank
  • Fake Bride

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