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Stag Arrest in Warsaw

Stag Arrest in Warsaw

What's Included

  • Classic Stag Arrest prank
  • Overview

Play this classic prank on the stag and watch his face turn to fear!

Wrongly arrested in Eastern Europe: It's any Brits' worst nightmare, straight from a Communist-era Hollywood movie.

You're all standing on the street, minding your own business when an Old School Communist cop car pulls up, and the policeman decides he wants to search the stag...but shock-horror: he's found a bag of white powder. Now the stag is really up s--- creek without a paddle! He's going to be arrested, and taken away in the car.

After being cuffed, he's driven away to a special location (you'll follow in pre-arranged taxis) - watch his fear turn to surprise when he sees you all standing there realises it was all a prank!

Note: You must make sure everyone in the group (bar the stag) is in on the prank.

We're happy to consider any other "arrest scenarios" you have in mind.

You can either take taxis, arranged by the guide, to a location OR the cop car can just drive around the block and drop the stag off where he was "arrested".

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