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Sexy Maid in Wroclaw

Sexy Maid in Wroclaw

What's Included

  • Sexy Maid strip show
  • Guide
  • Lesbian Show (extra)
  • Overview

Sexy Maid in Wroclaw - the best stag "prank" ever - a hotel maid who turns out to be a stripper!

Think if it as the greatest wake-up call the stag will ever have. Imagine the scene: it's the morning, he's nursing a serious hangover, and the maid is banging on the door and wants to clean the room. But then watch his face turn from anger to joy when it becomes clear that she isn't an ordinary maid...

How it Works

A Wroclaw sexy maid show in the hotel room or aparatment, usually scheduled for 10.00-11.00 in the morning. The show lasts about 20 minutes, our guide is there on the spot to make sure everything runs smoothly.

More Info / Extras

A Lesbian Show is possible as an extra.

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