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Beer Bike (12 seats) in Amsterdam

Beer Bike (12 seats) in Amsterdam

What's Included

  • Sober and experienced driver
  • 20 litres of beer
  • Roof with wind and rain protection
  • 75 min. ride
  • Overview

Peddle round Amsterdam while drinking beer – this is the life!

No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without riding a bike! But in the true spirit of Pissup we thought you’d appreciate one that is able accomodate your entire group and comes complete with its very own bar!

How it Works

You’ll meet the driver at a set location. You will have a driver/guide that will drive them around, while you peddle. Important to note – your group has to peddle the entire time, otherwise the beer bike will not move! Your group will receive 20l of beer. The route is set for 75 minutes. You will have 2 stops. You can also ask for more stops if necessary. You can eat (and/or smoke) on the bike.

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