Beer Games

Beer Olympics in Amsterdam

Beer Olympics in Amsterdam

What's Included

  • Games-master
  • Minimum 4 drinking games
  • 2 hours to play
  • 15 litres of beer (per groups of 10)
  • Overview

Beer Olympics in Amsterdam - the best idea ever! - 2 whole hours worth of beer games!

Best drinking games ever! Compete to win, have a laugh, and get p-ssed at the same time!

How it Works

BEFORE: Your group will meet the guide at one of the bars in Red Light District, wher the games will take place!

THE GAMES: The Beer Olympics experience involves 2 hours of great beer, and possibility of playing some of the best drinking games ever devised.

"Finger Game" - is a classic from the great county of Cornwall, where - when it's not sunny - drinking sports are practiced to keep warm.

"Benga" - is beer jenga, combining all the best elements of jenga, but with lots of beer.

"The Ring of Fire" - one of the most famous drinking games, and it’s not hard to see why – loads of fun and simple to organise.

"Beer Pong" - is the king of drinking games, beer pong is an American college staple, but is now beloved the world over by drinkers (with good hand to eye coordination).

More Info

You will get 15 litres of beer, in total, per groups of 10 people.

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