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Car Smash in Amsterdam

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Car Smash in Amsterdam

What's Included
  • Cars
  • All required materials
  • All Safety Equipment
  • Qualified Instructor

Show The Lads What You're Made Of!

Ultimate demolition! Let out your frustrations through our car smash experience in Amsterdam, designed for stag parties in need of unleashing their anger.

Take part in some automobile destruction on the fringes of the Dutch capital. Head out to a greasy car graveyard to release the fury that you've been storing up for months as a result of your soon to be wife stressing you out with all of the wedding preparations. You'll be given a chance to go all out and inflict as much damage as possible on a banged up motor that wouldn't be considered roadworthy any more, but once you've had a whack at it, its days will be done.

How It Works

The car yard where the destruction will unfold is on the outskirts of Amsterdam, so you'll have to find a way there. If you need a ride, we can organise a return private transfer for your group to cut out the hassle of trying to navigate buses and trains.

Before you begin obliterating the last life out of the vehicle, an experienced instructor will run you through everything with a safety briefing so nobody injures themselves as you'll be using heavy objects like hammers, shovels, etc.

All safety gear will be given to you before you start as well, so you won't need to bring any equipment along.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • You need at least eight people in your group for this activity to take place.
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