Amsterdam Paintballing - Dutch Style image

Paintballing - Dutch Style in Amsterdam

Paintballing - Dutch Style in Amsterdam

What's Included

  • All equipment
  • 200 balls each
  • 1 beer each
  • Overview

Paintball war, what is it good for? Bruising your mates – that’s what!

Come Paintballing in Amsterdam and assault your mates with your balls. Paintball war, what is it good for? REVENGE that’s what! It’s time to get your revenge on the guy’s who’ve done you wrong – or just make sure the stag suffers! You’ll love the custom built outdoor Paintball location, which provides many different game types including classics such as Capture the Flag and Death Match. Best Paintball field in the country.

Extra paintballs can be purchased.

HINT: Aim for their thighs to get the biggest welts.

Bunny suit is available for the stag – please request in advance. Transportation can be added as an extra.

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