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Pistol Shooting Competition in Amsterdam

Pistol Shooting Competition in Amsterdam

What's Included

  • All necessary equipment
  • Instructions by qualified instructor
  • 20 shot .22 calibre hand gun
  • 10 shot .22 calibre revolver
  • Overview

Take aim…ready – fire!

Find out who is the crack shot of the group with this great competition.

Don’t worry if you’ve never shot a gun before, after you arrive at the range our fully trained instructors will be at hand to load, and set your targets – all you have to do is aim and fire! Try out both .22 calibre handgun (20 shots) and .22 calibre revolver (10 shots) – the perfect way to get your adrenaline up and blast away your hangover.

The range is centrally located so transport isn’t necessary. Also each member of the group need to make sure they bring their ID with them.

For those of you who haven’t used guns before (which for Brits should be most of you) – there will be an instructor by your side, at all times. They’ll help you load the guns and to set your target. You will also be given safety glasses and ear muffs to protect your eyes and ears (it will be loud!).

After you’ve had a session at the shooting range, why not kick back and have a few beers…on wheels: book our Amsterdam Beer Bike and we’re sure you and the boys will love it! Remember this is for after not before the shooting session.

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