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Quad Biking in Amsterdam

Quad Biking in Amsterdam

What's Included

  • Quad Bikes (1 quad each 2 person)
  • Safety Equipment
  • Instructions
  • Instructor
  • 45 minutes quad-biking per person
  • Helmets
  • Overview

Calling all lads who want a crazy fun experience: off-road Quad biking in Amsterdam is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping.

For dirty fun, jump on a quad bike and race your mates on this excellent course. Our Quads are specially built for rough terrain and can reach serious speeds. All necessary safety equipment included. Instructions will be given by professional instructors before you begin driving the quad bikes.

Bring some old clothes or you’ll curse like you’ve got Tourettes. No booze before you get on the bikes, for obvious reasons.

Note: There will be 1 bike per 2 people, i.e. you’ll be sharing – but each of you will get 45 minutes riding on the quad bikes.

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