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Archery Tag in Barcelona

What's Included
  • Equipment & Safety Gear
  • 60 min. Playing Time
  • Music
  • Qualified Instructor
Arrow Tag
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Ignite The Animal Inside Of You!

Compete in a pulse pounding game of archery tag in Barcelona, one of our most popular stag do activities that combines archery and dodgeball and promises plenty of laughs.

Feel the adrenaline as you and your buddies battle it out in a thrilling game of archery tag. Fire foam tipped arrows at the enemies and dodge dangerously fast shots while racking up as many points as you can for your team as possible before the time runs out. Manage the pressure of heart stopping moments and make memories that will last a lifetime while you're in Barcelona.

What To Expect

There are two archery tag arenas that we can take you to, one is indoor, and the other is outdoor. Both options are a little bit outside of the city centre and accessible by public transportation.

Before the games commence, the instructors will run through everything with you, from how to shoot the arrows to safety precautions. Your kit will include bows, arrows, helmets, forearms, and targets.

Please don't be worried about getting hurt; the arrows are special foam tipped with fully homologated material on the tip, which replaces the sharp end on a standard arrow. At least you won't have to explain to your missus why there's a bunch of bruises on your back; you know what she'll be thinking.

The game is played by splitting your bachelor party up into teams, either 4 v 4 or 10 v 10; it all depends on how big your group is. If there's an odd number, we can make some changes, e.g. add a substitution or break up into smaller teams.

Throughout the course, there are huge obstacles and some targets which players can hide behind if they're under attack from the enemy. Under no circumstance is anyone allowed to move any of them, or you'll be disqualified for cheating; imagine how happy your group will be if that's you.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Nobody is allowed to remove their mask during battle or any other protective gear. If you need to, please leave the field to do so.
  • Shooting at short range is prohibited. You must shoot at a maximum of 5 metres away. Hitting someone up close can result in injuries even though the arrows are soft tipped.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and footwear on the day. A tracksuit and a pair of runners are ideal. There's no harm in bringing a spare t shirt either to change into after.
  • You're required to arrive at the arena 15 minutes before the starting time to get ready for war.
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