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Dwarf Handcuff in Barcelona

What's Included
  • 1 hr. Dwarf Entertainer
Night Life

Would Your Bachelor Like Some Added Female Attention?

Do you want to tease your stag? We have the perfect joke for him, the dwarf prank in Barcelona! Have him followed around by a mini version of his bride to be.

It's time for a good laugh, lads. Lure your stag to a bar in the city while we organize for a sexy little dwarf to come over and give him the time of his life. Have him on that he's getting a hot Latina as a stripper and blindfold him. When it comes off, attached to him will be a tiny little woman. You can only imagine his reaction to this.

What To Expect

You have one job: to get the stag to Flaherty's Irish Bar in the city centre. Pretend to him that the group has to be there at a certain time as they have a cheeky surprise for him. He'll think it's a stripper; well he's not totally wrong; the stripper will come up to waist height.

Get yourselves a nice seat, order a round of pints and act casual. As soon as the agreed time of arrival approaches, you need to get the stag to sit on a chair in the middle of you all and blindfold him. That grin on his face will soon be wiped off his face.

Our gorgeous dwarf stripper will approach and handcuff herself to him. Cheer him on to remove the blindfold and watch his reaction. She'll be handcuffed to him for an hour, so expect lots of giggles along the way. What will he do if he needs to go to the toilet? We'll let him figure it out.

Once the hour time limit is up, the dwarf will unhook herself from him and throw him back to the lads. Sadly, he'll have to kiss her goodbye as she has places to be. You're free to stay in the bar for the remainder of the night or go elsewhere.

For a fun filled day two activity, Join our beer bike activity, where you'll pedal your way around Barcelona, seeing the city's best attractions while downing a litre of beer each. Hopefully, you manage to get the vehicle back in one piece.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • There's a possibility that you may have to pay €50 to take photos or videos of the experience.
  • If your group puts the dwarf in any danger that could harm her, you'll be warned to stop, and if it happens again, the activity will be ended early.
  • Make sure you get to the bar early, or else it could eat into the handcuffing time.

Other Options

30 Mins Dwarf Handcuff - Female

30 Mins Dwarf Handcuff - Female

  • 30 min. Dwarf Entertainer
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