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Dwarf Wake Up (Male) in Barcelona

What's Included
  • 15 min. male strip show
Night Life
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Wakey, Wakey, The Stripper Has Arrived!

Do you want to play a hilarious prank on your stag on his big weekend in Barcelona? Order him a male dwarf to wake him with an erotic strip show!

Set the scene; you lads are after having a heavy night on the booze and only got back at 5 AM. A couple of hours later, there's a knock on the door of someone half the size of the groom to be and he has a cheeky surprise for him. Lead him to the room and watch the magic unfold (if you want to call it that).

What To Expect

Our dwarf can go travel wherever you need him to in Barcelona, once it's not too far outside of the city centre. We'll ask you to send over your hotel details closer to the time of the activity so he knows exactly where to go.

We can arrange an arrival time beforehand. Obviously, it has to be some time in the morning, but he's quite flexible. At the end of the day, you'll know when your stag wakes up, not us.

He'll show up at the agreed time in the morning, and someone will need to be awake to let him and guide him to the groom's bedroom. Once everything is set up, he'll go on ahead and wake the groom up; his facial reaction will be priceless when he sees someone standing in front of him that's tiny compared to him. Imagine when the strip show begins; it's going to be some laugh. Your whole group better get out of bed for this, as it will be one for the books.

You'll need to have some sort of an area in the hotel for the performance to take place, whether it's in his bedroom or a communal area in the room. Overall, the show will last around 15 minutes, that's of course, if the groom doesn't pass out with the embarrassment in the middle of it.

For more funny activities like this, check out our Barcelona activities page to see the full list. Maybe you'd prefer a lady to do the show or, even better, two ladies, whatever you require; Pissup is here to make sure your best pal's bachelor party goes exactly how you want it to.

What To Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Under no circumstances is abusive behavior allowed toward the performer. If someone steps out of line, he reserves the right to leave with no refund given.
  • The performance is 15 minutes long; if you want it to last longer, you will have to pay extra.
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