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Hot Air Balloon Ride in Barcelona

What's Included
  • 60 min. hot air balloon ride
  • Coffee each
  • Pastries
  • Instruction
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In A City With Lots Of Noise And Chaos, Find Your Peace In The Skies!

Fly high in the sky over the stunning city of Barcelona on Pissup's exciting hot air balloon ride. Bachelor parties don't get much better than this!

Hot air balloon rides are a once in a lifetime experience, so why not gift one to your stag as a little congratulations gift? Hit the skies over the hilly areas of the Catalan capital in a wooden basket brought up to incredible heights with the help of a little flame.

What To Expect

Your group must arrive at the take off site for preparation. We'll provide you lads with some sweet pastries and coffee to calm the nerves.

The balloon's pilot will run through a quick safety briefing to ensure everyone knows the rules so everything runs smoothly. Next up, it's take off time! Off you go up into the sky for one whole hour.

After the ride, the worst part of the day comes; it's landing. We have to pack up the balloon so it doesn't blow away after turning the flames off.

Before finishing up, a nice champagne toast will be had with our team, including drinks, local cheeses, and sausages. Everyone will also get their very own flight certificates to have some proof they have completed the flight.

Once the toast is complete, all of you will be transferred back to the take off site, where the activity will end.

What To Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Please don't drink any alcohol before take off.
  • The flight may be cancelled if the weather is poor on the day.
  • Flights are confirmed by either phone or email the day before.

What can you add?

+Cancellation Insurance
+ Transfer
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