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Indoor Climbing Class in Barcelona

What's Included
  • Equipment & Safety Gear
  • Qualified Instructor
  • 90 min. Climbing

Are You Ready For Some Climbing?

Take a break from the boozing on your mate's stag do in Barcelona by scaling a huge indoor rock wall at an exciting climbing class. It's time to be fearless!

Overcome difficult obstacles and climb to heights you never thought you'd be able to at one of Barcelona's best indoor climbing walls. A well trained instructor will take your group under their wing for 90 minutes to teach you all there is to know about being a successful climber. From how to stay calm on the wall to useful techniques that will ensure you make it to the top. If you manage to make it to the top by the end of the course, there's a little reward in it for you. 

We know your stag party has what it takes to conquer their fears. Let's do this!

What To Expect

Your group will arrive at the climbing centre at the time you agreed upon prior to booking. The best way to get there is by taking the metro to Marina Station, and it's a four minute walk from there.

Your experienced instructor will be at the desk waiting for you to give you a full breakdown of what to expect throughout the climbing course. You'll be taught how to breathe correctly while climbing so that you do not panic, how to spread your legs, and all of the other useful techniques you need to know.

Once everyone understands what to do, you'll get your climbing gear to put on. Don't worry, everyone will be hooked up to a safety harness. We couldn't ask you to do it unless you had the best of equipment. 

The bachelor group will take part in a baptism class that is specifically designed to test your limits as a rock wall climber. Whoever reaches the top last has to buy the first round of drinks when you head out later that night in Barcelona. Unlucky for them.

After the group has gotten its thrills from being high in the sky, surprise the stag with not one but two alluring latina babes to perform a strip show for him. Make him sweat like never before. When the bride is away, the groom is bound to play.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Under no circumstance should anyone show up drunk. People who show intoxicated won't be allowed to participate in the activity.
  • The group members should wear comfortable sports clothes as this is an active activity. There are dressing rooms at the climbing complex for you all to change.
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