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Inflatable Games Olympic Challenges

4.8/5 ( 5 reviews )
What's Included
  • Challenges
  • 150 min. Playing Time
  • Equipment & Safety Gear
Stag Olympics

Time To Get Soaked

Are you looking for some games in the water in Barcelona while on your friends' stag do? Book our Olympic inflatable games challenges to get wet and wild.

Enjoy a series of games and adventures on the water with your stag party, from intense bullfighting to a competitive tug of war. Your group will get a personal guide who will take you through the activities and add a personal touch to ensure the groom to be has an amazing adventure. All while you're getting drenched in water. 

This bachelor party activity is ideal for a group looking to take a day off the beer and clear their heads. 

What To Expect

The easiest way to get to the Olympic Games site is by train. Take the R4 line from Barcelona to Terrassa or Manresa and get off at Montcada i Reixac Manresa station. From there, the Spain game's location is about a 15 minute walk.

When you arrive at the sports complex, you'll be greeted by your experienced guide, who will take care of the group for the duration of the activity. They'll explain some safety procedures and the rules for each game. Once that's cleared up, everyone will be given their safety gear and prepare for playing time.

The type of games your group will play will depend on what time of year it is. For the winter, the games will be dry, and for the summer, they will be wet. The winter season is just December and January, and then the summer falls into the months of February to November. All of which are equally as fun.

See below for the list of summer and winter games.

Summer games

  • El Toro Loco (Wipe out) – Dodge, duck, dip and dive as our big bad bull swings around and around. It’s up to you and your team to avoid being swept off your feet.
  • Basque and Bathe – Fight like a Basque lumberjack. One member of each team stands on a stage surrounded by water and fights the other with a big inflatable log. Someone is going to get wet here…
  • Bull fight – Two aggressive bulls in sumo suits and a ring made out of hay bales. Let the madness commence and take the tale out from your opponent!
  • Village Fiesta – Get your team up our huge slide as fast as you can, throw yourselves down and grab as many chickens as possible! Sounds crazy, it is crazy, and we love it!
  • El Clásico Football Darts – Hit the triple twenty on a giant dart board with a football!
  • Slam Dunk – Let the race begin! you will have to run through the inflatable obstacles and score as fast as you can.
  • Giant Balls – Swimming pool. Check. Water. Check. Big Balls. Check. Take aim at your human targets and throw them of the balance beam and into the water.
  • Tug of War – Separate the wheat from the chaff. A good ol’ fashioned tug of war will get your adrenaline pumping and earn your team the bragging rights.
  • Spanish Shoot Out – The pressure is on as you take aim at our bull. Be as precise as a sniper to get the highest score.
  • Bucket Pong - Have you ever played beer pong? Well, get ready for a big version of it! throw the balls and get ready to take some funny punishments and advantages.

Winter Games

  • Slam Dunk: – Prevent the thrower from dunking the ball into the basket by pulling their legs from under them with the elastic cord dangling from their leg.
  • Basque and Bathe: - Down your opponent into the hay by hitting them over their head with a giant inflatable log whilst being blindfolded.
  • Village Fiesta: - Run as high as you can get to grab a hold of the chickens, run down in victory.
  • Giant Balls – This game is truly a challenge! Fill the bucket with water and cross the bridge, but be careful with the giant balls swinging towards you. You will have to keep your balance and get to the end.
  • Guess the drawing - How creative are you? Your drawing skills will be tested by helping your team members guess the secret word. Be fast, time is running.
  • Fishing day - Trust us, things will get crazy in this one! Catch the flying balls and don´t mess it up, Work with your team, be coordinated and don´t let the pressure win.

Your game day will last approximately two and a half hours. After your action packed day, treat the bachelor to a steak and strip, where he'll receive his two favourite things, a succulent lump of meat and a fine set of tits. He'll be the happiest you've ever seen him.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The winter sports day only requires you to wear sportswear, a spare change of clothes, and sneakers.
  • For the summer sports day, you'll need swim wear, a spare change of clothes, sneakers or flip flops, and some sunscreen.
  • The minimum group size for this activity is 8.

Inflatable Games Olympic Challenges

Rated "Excellent" with 4.8/5 Based on 5+ reviews.

Are you looking for some games in the water in Barcelona while on your friends' stag do? Book our Olympic inflatable games challenges to get wet and wild.

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Google Translated Very friendly, a good laugh and the staff were pleasant to work with.

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Google Translated It was excellent We ended up like kids Barbara took great care of us She had a lot of courage ☺️ Very fun games A bit far so a bit difficult to get there

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