Male Dwarf Prank in Barcelona
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Male Dwarf Prank in Barcelona

What's included

  • Male Dwarf Strip prank!


1 Male Dwarf in Barcelona…plus 1 blindfolded stag = a hilarious stag prank!

Great things come in little packages, and the Barcelona Pissup dwarf is truly multitalented. He can drink you under the table (probably) AND he can perform a hot striptease! You will have to see it for yourself. Just don’t tell the stag!

How it Works

You will experience a 15 minute male dwarf “strip show”. He does not really get fully naked (we promise!). He just messes around with a blindfolded stag, eventually revealing himself (usually dressed in drag) and the stag gets some abuse. It is a hilarious show, and a great prank.

Please note – this activity will take place in your apartment/room.




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