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Male dwarf Stripper in Barcelona

What's Included
  • 15 min. Strip Show
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Get Your Kit Off Little Man!

Does your hen have a thing for little men? We have something she may like.

Every hen wants a sneaky stripper on her weekend away in Barcelona. Give her one. Only it will be a male dwarf. This will wipe the smile off her face.

Prepare yourselves for the prank of the year, ladies. Get the stage ready for an exciting erotic performance. We'll arrange for one of our smallest strip show performers to head over to your hotel, wherever it is around the city, at a set time and seduce the life out of your girl. Convince her she's getting a buff toy boy, but instead, all she'll be getting is a tiny man that can barely reach her hip. You know what they say, be careful about what you wish for.

What To Expect

Before the activity date, you have to let us know whereabouts in Barcelona you're staying. Pissup will have their midget performer ready to send over to your hotel or apartment at the agreed time.

This activity always plays out better when the bride doesn't have a clue what's going on. You should avoid telling her anything. Make sure you keep her in the hotel you're staying at until the dwarf arrives. He'll take care of her from there.

So, how will things play out? Well, just before the dwarf arrives, you should let your friend know someone is coming to pay her a visit, and she needs to sit in a chair blindfolded. The excitement won't last for long. While she has her eyes covered, out will come the small little guy, barely clothed. He'll remove her blindfold and let her know what's about to go down. Not too much laughing now, girls. Little guys need loving, too, you know.

The steamy performance will last for about 20 minutes. Expect t-shirts to start flying and the sweat to start pumping because things are going to get very raunchy.

Everyone is free to sit and watch the whole thing unfold. He's all for her, though, no joining in. When our gnome is finished, he'll wave you all good bye.

For more hilarious activities in Barcelona, like our midget strip show, you can see a full list on the city's destination page. We offer a wide range of activities to suit your needs.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Our little sexy performer is extremely popular among hen parties. If you know the date you'd like him to hire him, it's essential to notify us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
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