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Male Stripper in Barcelona

What's Included
  • 15 min. Strip Show
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Make The Dolla Bills Rain!

Want surprise your mate on his stag weekend in Barcelona with a male stripper? Treat him to 15 minutes of a Magic Mike like performance.

Is your stag be more interested in the male version of our strip package? Whether he swings that way or you want to frighten the life out of him with an oiled up hunk for 15 minutes, this strip tease bundle is sure to do the job. Our men are as buff as can be, ripped like action men, and resemble something for a movie. You have the option to call for him to your hotel room or private apartment in the Catalan capital.

The memory will stick with the groom to be forever, either in a good or bad way.

What To Expect

Pissup's male performers can travel anywhere within the Barcelona city limits. We operate on a basis where you select the location, and the stripper arrives on time. This activity is strictly for private accommodation, so you can only select somewhere like a hotel or a B&B.

The male stripper will show up at the agreed time, either announced or unannounced; it's up to you. He can carry out a surprise, or if the stag knows about his arrival, that's fine too.

For the strip show itself, it will last for 15 minutes, and trust us, it's going to be steamy. Picture a monster of a man with a rippling physique with the soon to be married man as the target. Sounds wild? That's the way we do things!

Bear in mind the performer will need some tools to carry out all the action, like a sound system for some background music, a free standing chair to do the deed, and a fantastic audience to cheer him on the whole way through; he doesn't ask for much.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • This package is for one person only.
  • There are no group requirements; the more in the crowd, the more laughs.
  • We cannot accommodate bookings that don't have a hotel room available for the performance.
  • Our performers don't offer any additional services; they're professional artists.
  • Your hotel must be within Barcelona. If you're staying outside of the city, please contact us, and we'll see if we can arrange something (it will cost extra to do so).

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Make the groom's weekend in Barcelona an unforgettable one with the help of Pissup. We're experts when it comes to planning stag parties. Do you need help with organising your best pal's lads' trip? See our destination page to get started.

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