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Nude Female Drawing Workshop in Barcelona

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Nude Female Drawing Workshop in Barcelona

What's Included
  • Nude Model
  • Materials
  • Qualified Instructor
Nude Drawing

How Are Your Drawing Skills Lads?

Allow the groom to express his artsy side at our female nude drawing workshop during his stag do in Barcelona. Let's see what he knows about a woman's body.

Grab a pencil and paper and let the studio teacher guide you to a masterpiece. A fully naked woman will stand in front of the group, posing erotically, while blissful music plays slowly in the background. Your group's job is to get her to draw what she looks like on a canvas. She may even let the groom pose with her for a couple of minutes while you try to add him into the picture. Picture his missus's face if she found that drawing.

What To Expect

We'll reserve your group a space at the naked drawing workshop in Barcelona. Your group can head over at the agreed time of the class where a sexy non clothed awaits.

A drawing instructor will be assigned to your group to give you a helping hand with drawing. On stage will be the stunning model without an inch of clothes on her body, You lads will be put to the task of attempting to draw what she looks like on a canvas before the class time runs out. Let's see who can really work well under pressure.

Each of you will be given all of the necessary materials needed to draw the perfect picture, along with a nice glass of Spanish cava to complement the experience.

Since it's the groom's last weekend of freedom, he'll be allowed to go up on stage beside the model and pose with her while you all attempt to add him to the photo. Egg him on to try some different types of poses for added fun. That will be a nice little souvenir for him to bring home. Hopefully his soon to be wife at home doesn't find it, or he'll be in deep trouble.

At the end of the sixty minute workshop, the group will have to show their drawings. We'll find out who the creative students were at school. For an evening feed and some fun, book Pissup's Baghdad activity where you'll receive a full three course dinner and follow on over to one of the city's best strip clubs where front row seats will be waiting for your group at an exclusive strip show. More boobies for you lads.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • You can only book this activity for the evening time.
  • The minimum group size for this activity to go ahead is 8. There's no maximum limit.
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