What's Included
  • 150 min. Playing Time
  • Qualified Instructor
Game Shows

Always Compete Fiercely Against The Enemy!

Infuse some friendly rivalry into your bachelor bash through our Battle Game in Berlin, which includes 7 to 15 exciting games that are sure to push some friendships in your group to the limit.

Battle Game is a competition designed for single players to fight it out against each other in unique games both indoors and outdoors. Each round will have a focus on either sports, tactics, knowledge or other personal skills that will test your ability in more ways than one.

It's going to be two hours of non stop fun! Are you lads ready?

What To Expect

The games arena is about 35 minutes by public transport from the well known Alexanderplatz area in Berlin's city centre. If you'd prefer to get a ride directly, get in touch with us to book one of our private transfers for your group.

As you arrive, one of the arena's team members will take your group to the games centre for a little briefing, including what to expect and provide you with any equipment you might need.

All of the games will be played solo by each player. There's an exception: if your group is bigger than nine people, then the competition can be changed to a team-based one if you'd prefer.

Each round's theme will be different; one minute, you could be racing across the course for clues, and the next, you could be trying to crack a code as fast as possible before your opponent gets it; that's why everyone loves Battle Game! No matter your interests or skill set, you'll be able to take part because the games have been designed to allow everyone to get involved, so there's no chance anyone will be sitting this one out.

Regardless of the weather conditions on the day, this experience will go ahead because there's an indoor and outdoor section, so if it rains, the team can move things inside.

You should give yourselves at least two and a half hours of playing time and some extra time to get to and from the arena itself.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • All you need is two players to book this activity. Of course, the more you have, the more fun it is.
  • Don't worry if your group is fully English speaking. All of the guides at the arena can understand and speak English.
  • No prior experience with playing activities is required to take part in Battle Game.
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