Cake fight in Berlin
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Cake fight in Berlin

What's included

  • 1 hour cake fight.
  • 4-5 cakes/pastries pp.
  • All safety equipment included
  • You can play your own tunes!


Let them eat their faces!

After arriving at the venue, each of you will get 5 cakes and pastries as your ammunititon for the cake fight. This is the perfect time to get your revenge on one of the lads whose pranked you in the past, or better yet: gang up on the stag. The fight will last 60 minutes in total, and all safety equipment will be included...bring on the cake war!

More Info

There is a cash bar at the fight venue, to freshen you up before, during and after the cake war! If you need something to get into the zone, you can play your own tunes at the venue. Bring your own tunes and play them while you cake-fight!

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