What's Included
  • 3 hrs. Sauna Boat
  • 1 bottle Water
  • Shower Facilities
  • Equipment & Safety Gear
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Sauna Boat - it's a sauna...on a boat - get sweaty, detoxify, so you be refreshed and can drink yourself silly for round 2!

A boat with a sauna on it? You've never been on anything like this! And what's better, you'll get to have a go at piloting it. Perfect way to relax after a kick a-- night out in Berlin...

How it Works & What You'll Get

The Sauna Boat takes place on the Werbellinsee (one hour from the city centre - reachable by public transport). No driving license needed (everyone above 18 years is allowed to drive the boat).

You'll Get: 3 hours boat rental, your own captain, fuel & wood, all necessary equipment, shower.

More Info

Seven people can fit on the boat, and four people can fit in the sauna at any one time.

You can bring their own sauna towels, or rent one for €5 each. Please note, there is no toilet onboard.

There's a restaurant directly at the renting spot where they can eat and drink afterwards

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