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Outdoor Paintball (200 bullets) In Bohemian Switzerland National Park

What's Included
  • 2 hrs. Playing Time
  • 200 bullets Paintballs Each
  • Beer or Soft Drink (0.5 l) each
  • All Equipment (Guns with Drive, Thermal Masks, Overalls, Paintball Gloves)
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Costume for stag
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Blast Your Mate Before His Big Day

Battle it out for your buddy's stag do in an adrenaline-filled paintball experience in the Czech Republic's stunning northwestern Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Your team will have two hours to go all-out trigger-happy on the stag while he runs around in a silly costume through the course. This makes spotting him super easy, so you know who you have to aim for. Paintballing can be pretty exhausting, especially when you're running around in all of that protective gear. To satisfy your thirst, you and the lads will be served a beer to keep you going for the next round. Do you think you have what it takes?

What To Expect

Your stag party will arrive at the event course by their own means of transport. When you arrive, you'll meet your paintball instructor, who will give you some insight into how the day will go, some safety procedures, and teach you how to use the gun. Let's hope you don't struggle.

After your breakdown from the instructor, you'll put on your protective gear, like your thermal mask, overalls, and gloves, to prepare to go into the battle field. For the groom-to-be, he must put on a ridiculous costume in order to stand out from the crowd. This will make him easy to target. You know who you and the boys have to aim at.

Each person gets approximately two hundred bullets for their gun. Be careful how much you're shooting at one time. The last thing anybody wants is to run out halfway through the game.

Once you're geared up, you'll head out onto the course, which sits on an old property. Competitors can use the remains of the house and old cars to protect themselves. Sounds like Call of Duty, right?

The Bohemian Switzerland Paintballing Experience will last approximately two hours. In between, everybody on the stag do will get either an ice cold beer or a soft drink to keep them hydrated for the rest of the battle. Following the match, the group will use their own transportation to return to their hotel.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Paintball Stag Do Activity

  • The group must find their own transportation to get to and from the paintball course.
  • Everybody must be sober upon arrival and follow instructions properly from the instructor. Keep the heavy drinking for after to numb the pain from the paintball shots.
  • The minimum number of players is ten. If there are fewer, you must pay an extra fee for each missing person.
  • Each person gets two hundred bullets. If anybody runs out, they can buy more on the day.

Other Options

MagFed unlimited paintball - Bohemian Switzerland

MagFed unlimited paintball - Bohemian Switzerland

  • 3 hrs. Playing Time
  • Paintball real gun replica each
  • Unlimited paintballs
  • Beer or Soft Drink (0.5 l) each
  • All Equipment (Guns with Drive, Thermal Masks, Overalls, Paintball Gloves)
  • Tactical vest with extra mags each
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Costume for stag

What can you add?

Extra fee for small groups
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