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AK-47 Military Training in Bratislava

AK-47 Military Training in Bratislava

What's Included

  • 4 weapons / 40 bullets tota
  • AK-47 Assault rifle cal. 7.62x39mm (10 shots)
  • VZ. 58 assault rifle (10 shots)
  • Glock, Caracal or ZVS pistol 9mm Luger (10 shots)
  • Gran Power K22 cal. 22LR (10 shots)
  • Guide
  • Public Transport
  • Overview
  • Gallery

The Ultimate Shooting Package in Bratislava is designed for real shooting fans. Discover the crack shot of the group!

Ever watched a Hollywood action movie and wondered how it feels to shoot one of those bad a-- weapons? Well now’s your chance to try AK-47 shooting in Bratislava at a top shooting range. A stag do in Bratislava just wouldn’t be complete without trying adrenaline-fuelled activities as well as the usual knees up: and shooting guns is an experience not to be missed!

How it Works

A friendly local guide will meet you at the reception of your hotel. They'll take you to the shooting range via public transport.

Before you squeeze any triggers - you will get some instructions by a professional instructor!

You get 40 shots with 4 different weapons. Professional instructors are there to assist you at all times.

Weapons include:

  • AK-47 assault rifle, cal. 7.62x39mm - 10 shots
  • VZ. 58 assault rifle - 10 shots
  • Glock, Caracal, ZVS pistol cal. 9mm Luger - 10 shots
  • Gran Power K22, cal. 22LR - 10 shots

PLEASE NOTE: You’ll need to bring a photo ID if you want to shoot! You must be sober to do this event, for obvious reasons.

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