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Hydrospeeding in Bratislava

Hydrospeeding in Bratislava

What's Included

  • Guide
  • Instructors
  • Private Transport
  • Neoprene suits
  • Hydrospeed equipment
  • 1 Hour Hydrospeeding
  • Overview

Want a new experience when you come to Bratislava on your stag do? Well why not try hydrospeeding?!

Who needs a raft when you can hydro-speed! Imagine the feeling of hurtling down the rapids head first with only a thin tea-tray sized float between you and perils beneath the waterline.

Although at first glance it doesn't seem so, this activity is extremely safe. You receive bobs to lie on, neoprene suits and flippers to help them coordinate the bob. Our English speaking instructors are there for your safety and will instruct you how to coordinate your body, traverse waves, slalom, surf and much more.

You must have some basic swimming knowledge to do this activity. You'll get 1 hour of hydrospeeding, which, believe us, is ample time to experience the madness of this activity. Our friendly, female guide will collect you from your hotel and take you to the destination.

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