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Ultimate Car Demolition + Tank Ride

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What's Included
  • Car to destroy per group
  • All necessary equipment: hammer, crowbar, knife, gloves & glasses
  • Tank Ride
  • Smash car with tank
  • Pissup Guide
  • Public Transport
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Tank Driving
Car Demolition

Leave No Remains At The Scene Of Devastation!

Ultimate destruction in Bratislava. Book our car demolition and tank ride in the Slovakian capital for your stag party. Release your inner anger and destroy everything in sight.

Where else in the world can you smash up an old banger of a car and ram it with a fully sized army tank? Unleash your rage on a vehicle that hasn't been touched in years with the help of some craft tools, including a hammer, crowbar and some knives. After you've done all you can do with your hands, then it's time for some added power with a monster of an army tank.

An experience every man dreams of living at least once in his life!

What To Expect

One of our guides will meet your group at your accommodation and take you to the destruction site by public transportation. It's a little bit outside the main centre, but not too far.

As you walk through the gates, your prey will be waiting, a piece of junk of a car. You'll be given a crafty tool kit, including heavy hammers, huge crowbars, and knives. Additionally, you'll have a set of gloves and glasses each for protection.

A decent amount of time will be provided to smash up the motor to the best of your ability. Once you've given it a good pelting, it's time for the final demolition. Hop on board the army tank with one of our instructors for a 6 kilometre ride on a big, fast and noisy army tank around a carefully designed urban zone. As parking time approaches, you'll smash right into the side of the car and leave it in smithereens. There goes any chance of it ever being road worthy again.

We'll provide you with a GoPro, so you can record the whole thing and watch the dismantling later that day over a couple of beers.

This experience lasts for one hour, and once the time is up, our guide will bring you back to Bratislava via public transport.

We offer more fun activities like our ultimate car demolition + tank ride that your bachelor might enjoy, including our beer bike ride. Pedal through the streets of Bratislava on a huge bicycle for 14 people with over 30 litres of beer to get through within 90 minutes. See the capital's main sights, get a little bit tipsy and make some insane memories!

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The GoPro video recording is included in the price. We'll send the footage to you after the activity is complete.

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy

  • Mini tank driving.

What can you add?

Mini Tank driving

Ultimate Car Demolition + Tank Ride

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Unleash your anger with our car demolition and tank ride in Bratislava. Perfect for your stag party. Book now! #recruitment #Bratislava #stagparty

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