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All You Can Eat Spare Ribs in Brussels

What's Included
  • Table reservation
  • All-you-can-eat spareribs
  • 1 Drink each
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Spare Ribs & BBQ Meals

One Rib, Two Rib, Three Ribs More!

Fancy an all you can eat feast of spare ribs? There's no better way to get a bit of soakage before the first night of a stag do in Brussels!

You can't go out on an empty stomach, lads. We know they say eating is cheating, but for an action packed bachelor party you have lined up, you're going to need all the food you can get into you. We'll book your squad into a restaurant known for its speciality ribs, and what's even better, you can eat as many as you want within 90 minutes! You'll be rolling out the door by the end of it.

And to top it all off, each of you will receive an ice cold Belgian beer to wash all that meat down. If you've never tried Belgian beer, lads, you're in for a treat; crisp in taste and high in alcohol, you'll be stumbling after one.

What To Expect

Our team will reserve a table for you on the chosen date at the all you can eat restaurant. All you have to do is show up at the provided address at the agreed time, and you'll be shown to your table so you can start digging in. The restaurant itself is near the Grand Place, so you shouldn't have too much hassle finding it.

The chef will prepare ribs in 3 different styles, served alongside the restaurant's famous jacket potato or french fries and a salad, depending on what you're into. Everything is unlimited for 90 minutes (except for the beer), so let's see which one of you can inhale the most.

Here's what each person will get.

  • All you can eat spare ribs or a meal from the main menu.
  • One drink per person (crystal pilsner beer, glass of wine or a soft drink of your choice).

Anyone who isn't too pushed on ribs can choose to have either beef steak, lamb cutlets, or chicken skewers instead. Is meat, not your thing? The restaurant also serves salmon and vegetarian quiche. You can let the restaurant know on the day!

Once the feast has finished up, you're free to head off into the city centre and cause some havoc. No doubt, you'll get up to some mischief.

The Restaurant's Opening Hours

  • Opening times: from 6 PM, Monday to Saturday. Open for lunch & dinner on Sundays.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • As we mentioned above, other menus are available for those who aren't pushed on ribs.
  • Every all you can eat booking lasts for 90 minutes, so make the most of it.

Other Options

All You Can Eat Spare Ribs With Drinks

All You Can Eat Spare Ribs With Drinks

  • Table reservation
  • Starter each
  • All you can eat Spare Ribs
  • Dessert or coffee
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