What's Included
  • 15 min. Training
  • 60 min. Playing Time
  • Equipment & Safety Gear
  • Changing Room & Showers
Arrow Tag
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An Arrow Can Only Be Shot By Pulling It Backwards!

Act the Robbin Hood through our arrow tag stag do activity in Brussels. Pull your arm back, aim with precision and strike the target to become victorious.

Round up your boys and unleash the power in an action packed game of arrow tag. Learn how to fire an arrow at high speeds to gather points for your team. Friends are about to become enemies, but the question is, can you handle the pressure? Winners gain all bragging rights and are crowned archery tag champions.

Who will be on the winning team? There's only one way to find out.

What To Expect

The archery arena is south of Brussels city centre. It can easily be accessed by taking a 20 minute train ride from the heart of the city, it's a seven minute walk from there. There is also a car park on site with 30 spaces, so if you have hired a car you can drive it there.

Upon arrival, you'll be introduced to the arena's team and provided with all the safety gear needed so nobody gets hurt. Once geared up, you'll go through a 15 minute training session just to show you how to shoot properly so nobody is at a disadvantage.

Following the training, your group must split up into teams. Depending on the size of the bachelor party, you'll either be in teams of four versus four or five versus five. Obviously, if the group is bigger, they can split it up evenly. There's no need to stress too much as you'll swap out of the course every five minutes to give everyone a break as this sport takes it out of you, trust us.

As soon as all the nitty gritty details are sorted, it's time to enter the battleground. Forget about the friendships you've formed beforehand; it's now time to destroy the enemy in whatever way you can. The games will either be played where teams get points for shooting an opposing team member or elimination rounds; if people are shot, they'll have to leave the field. It all depends on what you're up for. Both teams are only allowed to stay in their half of the war zone; if there's a breach, it could result in the participant being removed. One man down is no good when you're trying to win.

In total, there's one hour of playing time. While it may not seem too long, after the adrenaline buzz wears off, you'll be exhausted with all the running around you're after doing.

After the hour is finished, you'll give the gear back and make your way back to Brussels, where the winning team can celebrate becoming arrow tag champions.

What's Included With This Package?

  • 15 minutes training.
  • One hour of playing time.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • You need a minimum of eight people to book this activity.
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