What's Included
  • Help from a Professional
  • 60 min. of Sushi on a Girl
Night Life
Body Sushi

It's Time To Bring Out The Chopsticks!

Feeling hungry? Great! How would your stag enjoy nibbling on some sushi that has just come off a sexy lady's body? We're about to see!

Come on, we all want to treat our buddy who's about to hang his boots up to something special for his last bash, and boy, is this the one for him. How does a huge variety of sushi bites made with fresh ingredients sound? The only thing is, there won't be a table as such, but instead, he and you guys will have to pick your favourite bites off a gorgeous unclothed lady, we're sure you won't mind, will you?

What To Expect

Our body sushi experience doesn't happen at a bar or restaurant, but in your accommodation to give yourselves and the lady some well deserved privacy. Upon booking, please let us know where you're staying so we can organise the arrangements will the lady! Additionally, you'll have to tell us how many people will be there, so she can prepare herself for the crowd.

Our delicious artist will spend one hour with you guys, a half an hour of that goes into preparation, and the other half an hour is for eating. Just make sure you don't hurt her with your chopsticks; that beautiful body is sensitive.

All we ask of you is to be able to provide our model with a pillow to keep her cosy and a bathroom in order for her to be changed.

Be mindful that she'll be wearing a sober coloured underslide, either flesh or white, and she won't have any substance on her body that will give your food a funny taste (e.g. cream, oil, perfume etc.).

Since you're the best man and looking after the plans, you'll have to source the sushi before the activity. Plenty of places in Brussels sell it, but if you can't find any, we'll be happy to give you some recommendations.

Now, make sure yous get all that sushi into you because it will be thrown in the bin otherwise. As the hour finishes up, you'll have to wave goodbye to our model as she has places to be. All she will be now is a distant memory, but a good one! That will be the last naked woman the groom to be will ever set eyes on other than his soon to be wife back home.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The sushi isn't included in the final price. We will add the cost of it on to it once we know how many people you're booking this experience for.
  • Please send on your address upon booking because this will also affect the final price as the artist will need to travel there.
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