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Chocolate Workshop in Brussels

What's Included
  • 150 min. workshop
  • Qualified Instructor
  • 30 x chocolates each
  • Hot chocolate each
  • All cooking equipment
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When Nobody Understands You, Chocolate Is There!

Learn about the work that goes into making Brussel's sweetest treasures through our chocolate workshop stag do experience. Book today!

Calling all chocoholics, we have something special for you. Our chocolate workshop is the perfect way to discover everything there is to know about Belgian chocolate. Find out how to make your very own chocolate from scratch and try it for yourself.

You might be good at eating chocolate, but now is your chance to see if you're as good at making it. Do you think you're up to the challenge? Let's see.

What To Expect

The chocolate workshop takes place in Brussels city centre. We'll provide you with the location details closer to the time of the activity date.

A qualified instructor will look after your group for the day and guide you in the right direction to craft the finest Belgian chocolate. Before you start the process, your bachelor party will be given a demonstration on how to temper the chocolate, create pralines from scratch, and create mediants.

As soon as everyone is comfortable, you'll be split up into two teams so you have some helping hands alongside you.

None of you needs to have any previous baking experience; there will always be a professional nearby to give you a hand in case you run into a bit of bother.

Everyone's favourite part is sampling time, of course. You'll have plenty of time to try your delicious handmade chocolates and even get to try some hot chocolate too. Something to fulfill your cravings. You're allowed to take it away if you'd prefer to do so. We'll even give you a nice box to put it in. That will be a way for the stag to charm his missus when he gets back home after fooling around on his big weekend away.

What's Included In The Price?

  • All cooking ware.

  • Professional assistance at all times.

  • Hot chocolate during the baking session.

  • Aprons so you don't get destroyed.

  • Note - Additional food or drinks aren't included in the price.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • This workshop is two and a half hours long. It can be quite tireing, so prepare yourselves.
  • Any chocolate that you don't eat, you can take it away with you. That will taste lovely with your hangover the following morning.
  • You shouldn't have any more than 21 people for this activity.
  • The instructor is a highly trained professional, so if you need any help with anything, please ask them instead of trying to do things on your own. Pissup doesn't want any fires to be put out.
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