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  • 90 min. Dwarf Entertainer
Night Life
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Say Hello To Your Mini Friend!

Stag dos are all about screwing the groom over, and what better way to do it to your pal than by hiring a dwarf to spend the evening with him in Brussels.

Let's make a show of your best mate one last time. Our dwarf for hire is the best possible way to ensure his face goes bright red on his big bachelor weekend away. We'll send our tiniest little friend over to surprise the life out of him, and they'll stay alongside of him for an hour and a half. Whether he needs to go to the toilet or buy a pint at the bar, he'll have his other half right by his side. His missus probably doesn't even follow him around this much.

What To Expect

Let us know your plans for the evening, and we'll organize for your tiny added group member to show up at an agreed time. Usually, the stag party goes to a pub or restaurant they want to visit, and your little partner will be there waiting. The groom wont know what to do.

Our little actor is full of laughs and is always after a good time, so make sure he joins in on the fun with you. He'll be with the stag every step of the way, whether the group is just walking around, sitting at a bar, or going wild in a club.

Costumes always add to the fun, so why not have your gnome-like person dressed up in a police officer uniform? Please let us know in advance if you're interested.

There will be plenty of time for pictures with the star of the show; after all, you have to get something to remember the time your best pal was accompanied by a tiny version of himself.

The performer will stay with your group for a whole 90 minutes, so you better figure out how you're going to keep him entertained.

After the time is up, he'll hug the groom goodbye, and that's a wrap!

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • There's no strip show available, unfortunately. You'll have to head to the gentleman's club for that.
  • It's possible for him to show up at your accommodation if you'd prefer. Whatever your stag wants, he gets off his baby partner.
  • This activity is particularly suited to groups between one and twenty people. If there's more than that, you might scare him away.
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