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Party Bus in Brussels

5/5 ( 1 reviews )
What's Included
  • 1 driver
  • sound system
  • Party lights
  • 120 min. Party Bus Tour
  • 2 x Stop for taking pictures
  • Bring your own Drinks
Party Bus
Night Life

On The Party Bus, Every Turn Is A Twist Of Excitement, And Every Song Will Make You Want To Dance!

Take your stag do celebrations to our party bus in Brussels with flashing lights, a thunderous audio system, and BYOB (bring your own booze).

Celebrate with your pals one last time before your big day on our party bus around the Belgian capital with your own driver. We like to think of it as a disco in transit; it has everything a world class nightclub has: a vibrant lighting display, a modern sound set-up, sleek seating and much more.

You'll have two full hours to drink as much of your own booze as you want and let loose on the dance floor as if nobody's watching you.

We'll take the the route, or you can have your own input and stop at some of the places you want to see. That's if you haven't already downed half a bottle of vodka already and forgot your own name.

What To Expect

On the day of your activity, one of our drivers will be sent to your hotel in Brussels to pick up your group. The pick up location doesn't have to be your hotel; you can opt for somewhere else, like a restaurant or bar, as long as it's within the city. Some people even order the package as an airport transfer.

The drive will be for two hours. Usually, we choose a route for our clients or allow them to design one based on their preferences. We can include some stops along the way for you to get off and get some pictures. You'll need some sort of evidence to show your missus, won't you?

As we said, this party bus is strictly BYOB, so don't forget your alcohol. There are no limits on what you can bring or how much, but we ask all passengers to be respectful towards the driver at all times. Don't expect there to be any sort of bar or anything on board; it's up to you to bring what you want.

Whoever wants to hook up their phone to the speaker can do so through the mini jack connecter if you'd prefer, rather than having the driver throw on a CD that will burn the ears off you.

Don't forget to let the driver know if you want to be dropped off at a different location than you got picked up. If you don't have any preference, they'll just drop you back to your hotel.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Confetti is prohibited on the bus. Please don't bring any or you won't be allowed to board the bus.

Party Bus in Brussels

Rated "Excellent" with 5/5 Based on 1+ reviews.

Take your stag party celebrations to our party bus in Brussels with flashing lights, a thunderous audio system, and BYOB (bring your own booze).

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05. March 2023

Google Translated Well done Terry!! A huge thank you for this sensational trip

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