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Waffle Workshop in Brussels

What's Included
  • 90 min. workshop
  • All you can eat/make Waffles
  • Drink(s) each
  • All ingredients
  • Toppings: cream, choc, fruits,...
  • Assistant
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The Best Things In Life Are Sweet!

Ever wondered how Belgian waffles are made? Now's your chance to find out through Pissup's Waffle Workshop. The perfect stag activity with samples included!

Learn how to make one of the world's most famous snacks, a Belgian Waffle, with the help of our experienced team of instructors who are lucky enough to do this for a living. From learning how to make the batter to decorating them, there's no other course in the capital that will go into the fine details like this one.

Put your aprons on and get cooking!

What To Expect

The workshop takes place in the centre of Brussels, not too far from the main centre, so you shouldn't have much trouble trying to locate it.

Before you dive into the messy side of things, there will be a short introduction and demonstration provided by the team of instructors to show you exactly how to do everything.

Everyone will be split up into two teams, so it gives you more of a chance to communicate with each other better. To start, you'll make the batter, which is the hardest part, but once you get the right amounts for each ingredient, it should taste just fine. Then you'll have to pour it into the waffle maker and watch the magic unfold.

You're not allowed to eat the waffles until you've decorated them nicely with a wide range of toppings provided, like fresh fruits, whipped cream, speculoos spread, Nutella, and chocolate. Put as many as you like on; after all, you're going to be the ones eating them.

Hopefully, by the time the tasting session comes along, you've made something half edible. Either eat it on the spot or save it later for a midnight snack.

Nobody needs to have any type of experience cooking to take part in our waffle workshop; all skill sets are welcome.

What's Included With Your Booking?

  • All ingredients
  • All toppings
  • Cooking gear
  • Cookware
  • Instructor assistance
  • Demonstrations
  • Drinks
  • And all the waffles you make, you can eat (bake as many as you can eat)
  • Take home recipes

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • This activity starts at 2 PM every day. Unfortunately, we cant amend the time as it's unchangeable.
  • This is a public activity which means there's a big chance that other people could join you for the activity. If you'd prefer to change it to a private experience, it's possible, but you'll need 15 to 30 people in your group in order to do so.
  • If you aren't comfortable with any aspect of the cooking side of things, don't be afraid to ask one of the instructors; they're more than happy to help.
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