Budapest AK47 Full Metal Jacket image

AK47 Full Metal Jacket in Budapest

AK47 Full Metal Jacket in Budapest

What's Included

  • Local Friendly Pissup Guide
  • Transport
  • 54 Shots in 6 Different Guns
  • AK47 Included
  • 1 Beer each at the end
  • Overview

Experience the Ultimate in Shooting Activities!  

Get your Budapest stag do off to an explosive start with this memorable shooting excursion. You will each get to fire an AK-47, FN Fall assault rifle, 357 Magnum and Glock 9mm special forces. For a real kick in the rubber parts, try 5 rounds with the Mossberg Pump action Shotgun the favoured weapon of S.W.A.T. teams the world over.

Different guns maybe provided if the guns listed are in service. However, you will always shoot the AK47.

1 beer each will ensure that your nerves are calmed at the end of the day.

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The AK-47 Budapest Experience

“The AK-47: the best there is…” as Samuel L. Jackson says in the Tarantino movie ‘Jackie Brown’, “Accept no substitute.” And on this shooting bonanza you won't have to! This is all about you and the guys living out your movie fantasies, with trained professionals to guide you.

Unloading the shotgun has been described as being like getting hit hard in the shoulder. But the AK-47 is more like being charged by a UFC fighter. But don't worry if you're feeling fragile after your boozy arrival the night before, having it large at the coolest places in Budapest, you will progress from handgun to the AK-47. Meaning there will be a build up in the size of gun you'll fire. So by the end of the day you'll have real life knowledge of how to handle these badass weapons.

Things to know

Getting here is simple, our friendly guide will pick you up in a private bus and take you to the range. The range itself is about 30 minutes away from the centre.

The range is in an underground military-style bunker, where the smell of gunpowder, and sounds of guns will all add to the atmosphere. You and the guys will feel like you've been dropped into a first person shoot 'em up.

Don't worry if you've never shot before, and thanks to British law most of you haven't! In this and all our shooting activities, you will be assisted by fully trained fluent-English speaking professionals. They know how to handle every kind of gun. After a brief but necessary safety demo you will go up in threes to fire one weapon after the other, starting off 'small' till you get to the big boy AK!

Different guns may be provided if the guns listed are in service. However, you will always shoot the AK47. If you want there is always an option to buy more rounds, though of course you'll get more than enough goes at shooting with this activity.

Generally you won't come here straight on the day you arrive. This is because we want you sober to handle those weapons. And while you're on the bus and while you're shooting at the range you'll need to be drink free - but aside from safety, you want to be a crack shot don't you? You can get back on it after you finish. Anyway: the adrenaline rush will be such a high you probably won't need it!

After the shooting practise you can grab a beer each at the bar, located on the site of the range, which will ensure that your nerves are calmed at the end of the day.

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