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Bar Crawl & Nightclub Entry in Budapest

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Bar Crawl & Nightclub Entry in Budapest

What's Included
  • 4 hrs. Guided Pub Crawl
  • 3 x Welcome Shot per pax
  • Skip-the-line entry to nightclub
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Party Until Your Stag Is Blind Drunk

Let one of Pissup's experienced guides take you on a bar crawl around Budapest with a sneaky stop in a nightclub at the end, including entry.

Take a trip around the Hungarian capital, discovering the party district's bars with one of our guides who knows the area like the back of their hand. Each bar you arrive at will have a welcome shot to kick you all into the next gear. By the time the group makes it to the third boozer you'll be well on your way to getting hammered. To finish up the night, we'll take you to Instant Fogas, one of the city's best nightclubs, where you'll get free entry and can party on deep into the night.

What To Expect

Your group will meet one of Pissup's experienced bar crawl guides at an agreed location around the city. Upon arrival, they'll introduce themselves and give you a little rundown of what you should expect throughout the night.

Pissup's guide will take you to Budapest's party district, which is renowned for its unique ruin bars and crazy nightclubs. You'll visit a total of three bars, and at each one, a welcome shot will be given to everyone, so there's some fuel to keep you going for the whole activity. If anyone wants another drink, they'll have to purchase it themselves.

Bar by bar, that groom will slowly begin to get more drunk. It will be your mission to keep him going, as you have a nightclub to visit at the end of the night. 

The club you'll visit is Instant Fogas. It's actually seven different nightclubs in one complex. It's a huge venue, so make sure to stick together when you're there. When you arrive, the group won't have to pay, as free entry is included in your booking. 

The guide looking after your group will accompany you for three and a half hours. You can all stay and make pigs of yourselves after they leave. If you're still in the mood for some booze the next day, try Pissup's Palinka Tasting activity. Palinka is a fruity brandy and is known as Hungary's national drink. Visit a local bar that sells all types of extremely strong spirits and get the opportunity to sample five of them.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Your bar crawl guide will be English speaking. We will try our best to make sure we can match up all the languages so there is no confusion on the night of the activity.
  • There are some open bar packages are offered by Nomád Travelers’ Bar, so any bookings with a drink package will start here.
  • If a drinks package is included in the booking, the suggested starting time is between 20:00 and 20:30.
  • You must ensure you are at the meeting point on time. There's no guarantee we can add more time if you are late. 
  • If there's no drinks package included with the booking, the bar crawl can start at any suitable bar with a recommended start time of 21:00 pm.
  • Groups of up to 20 guests will be staffed by one event host. Groups larger than this will include support staff (1 for every 20 guests).
  • The bars that feature regularly on our crawls include: Nomád Travelers’ Bar | Grandio Bar | Ellátó | Udvárrom | Doboz | Ruin Brew | Hopaholic | Bluebird Karaoke Rooms.

Bar Crawl & Nightclub Entry in Budapest

Rated "Excellent" with 5/5 Based on 2+ reviews.

Let one of Pissup's experienced guides take you on a bar crawl around Budapest with a sneaky stop in a nightclub at the end, including entry.

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