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Bar Guide & Strip Club Visit in Budapest

4.79/5 ( 29 reviews )
What's Included
  • Stag on Stage show
  • 2nd Drink in Strip Club FREE
  • VIP Strip Club & Entry
  • 4 hrs. Guided Bar Crawl
  • Table reservation
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Hit the ground running with our Pissup Bar Guide & a strip club visit.

Local knowledge is what Pissup is about and we ensure that you will avoid overrated, rip-off venues in the Hungarian capital.

We don’t take commissions from anywhere so you know you’ll be getting unbiased advice.

Your guide will tailor your night out to the types of places that you want to visit. They will take you to dusty communist pubs, the coolest hotspots and one of the best strip clubs in Budapest.

The Experience

You can be fooled into thinking Budapest is an easy city to navigate by night. That if you walked blindfolded through its streets you could find a cheap bar. And while there may be some truth in that – Hungary is great value for stag dos – thanks to our exclusive local knowledge, we’ll get you into to the cheapest and best places.

Whatever you are looking for: whether it's a five star service, where you can play the Bond villain, R’n’B clubs with heavy sound systems, or traditional spots where you can sample pálinka. This is your big night out in one of Europe’s greatest cities, and our guides will help make it a night out you’ll never forget.

Whether it’s Ruin pubs – an essential place to visit – cool bars, or wherever you like the sound of our bar guide will assist in planning your night to help you gain time. We know where the action is on any given night, from quiet venues to bars that play banging tunes. Booking with us will save you time and money. We don’t rush you from place to place, so if you find a bar you and the lads really like stay as long as you want. Fun fuelled and not a rip-off: what more could you ask for?

When you get to the exclusive strip club is when the party really gets going. You and the guys will enter a world of wonder – or more specifically a club full of some of the hottest girls you’ve ever seen. Okay so you know Hungarian girls have a reputation for being beautiful (must be something in the water, or the pálinka), but the ladies in this establishment are off the charts sexy and they'll make you feel like a boss.

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy

  • Dwarf prank
  • 1 hour unlimited beer
  • A round of pálinka 4cl
  • A round of Jäger or Unicum
  • A long drink
  • A beer or wine or soft drink with kamikaze shot
  • A glass of beer (0,5 l Borsodi)
  • A shot of Pálinka (4 cl)
  • A shot of pálinka with glass of beer
  • 1 hour unlimited beer (ZSP)
  • Female dwarf handcuff prank

What can you add?

+Dwarf prank
+glass of beer (0,5 l Borsodi) (ZSP)
+shot of Pálinka (4 cl) (ZSP)
+shot of pálinka with glass of beer (ZSP)
+1 hour unlimited beer (ZSP)
+Stag Arrest Prank
+Strip Club 1 beer 1 dance entry
+1 hour unlimited beer in Ziccer Sport Pub (Guiness/Hop House)
+Baby Guiness
+Unlimited Beer and Wine with Softs (AnyTB)
+unlimited beer in strip club for 1 hour
+Female stripper show
+beer in strip club

Bar Guide & Strip Club Visit in Budapest

Rated "Excellent" with 4.79/5 Based on 29+ reviews.

Hit the ground running with our Pissup Bar Guide & a strip club visit. More than your standard Budapest bar crawl we take you where the real action is! 

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02. April 2023

Google Translated We all fell in love with the guild, she was super nice, helpful, attentive. She showed us around some super nice club bar addresses. We couldn't have had better. Thank you very much to he

30. August 2022

Guide was superb, had a slow start in the beginning until bars started filling up but ended up being a lot of fun

27. January 2022

Google Translated Perfect?

21. April 2024
21. April 2024
01. September 2023
26. June 2023
12. April 2023
12. April 2023
03. October 2022
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