3 Aces - Budget Shooting Budapest

3 Aces - Budget Shooting in Budapest

3 Aces - Budget Shooting in Budapest

What's Included

  • Guide
  • Private bus transfer
  • Range & Gun Hire
  • All Safety Equipment
  • Glock 17 .9mm semi auto x 10 shots
  • AK-47 with 7.62 full power rounds x 10 shots
  • Overview

Shooting guns in Budapest - a complete shooting activity that doesn't blow a hole in your wallet.

3 Aces is a unique activty. You can only book this kick a-- shooting activity with P-ssup!

The Glock, AK-47, and Remington Pump Action shotgun are three classic Hollywood weapons - which are all different, but each packs a punch...but nothing compares to the AK-47...try it out, it seriously kicks!

Any cobwebs from the night before will be blasted away by this fun adrenaline-fuelled activity.

How it Works

Guide meets group at your accommodation. Bus collects 15 to 30 minutes later depending on group size. Larger groups = 30 mins. There will be a 30 minute transfer to gun range. Instructions will be in English (not Clingon).

When you shoot - 3 can blaze away at the targets at any one time. You first shoot with Glock and AK-47, and then move to the shotgun range.


Glock 17 9mm semi auto x 10 shots Remington Pump Action Shot Gun x 5 shots AK47 with 7.62 full power rounds x 10 shots

More Info

Min Group Size: 8 Max Group Size: 48

Please note: You must be sober, so no drinking before this activity!

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