Dwarf Surprise Strip Show In Budapest

Dwarf Surprise Strip Show in Budapest

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Dwarf Surprise Strip Show in Budapest

What's Included
  • 15 min. Female stripper
  • 15 min. Strip Show
Night Life

Did Someone Order A Dwarf?

Prank your stag into thinking he's about to see a strip show in Budapest featuring a Hungarian babe, but instead surprise him with a dwarf to do the dancing.

Choose a venue around the city to play the ultimate joke on your friend getting married. We'll send two of our best performers over there to play their roles, one being a local beauty that looks like something from page 3 and another being a bite sized version of her; no, seriously, she brings small to a whole new level. The local beauty will start off the show by blindfolding the groom to be and letting the dwarf take over the show. When he gets to see light once again, he'll have to come to terms with being seduced by one of the smallest human beings he's ever seen.

Let's get your best pal back for all of the tricks he's played on you over the years.

What To Expect

Pissup and the best man will agree on a place in the city for the performance to take place. Customers in the past have chosen various bars and restaurants, as well as the stag's hotel. Whatever suits your group on that given day.

Your group will have to head over to the chosen location a bit ahead of the performers to make sure the groom doesn't suspect anything. When you arrive, act as you would on any other day. Don't blow the surprise, and if someone in the group can't keep a secret, it's best you don't mention it to them.

Before your stag knows it, a mouthwatering Hungarian honey will have him thrown into a chair, teasing him about taking off her clothes. For some added fun, she'll blindfold him while telling him she's about to get her kit off. But what he doesn't know is that she's going to leave the room and a dwarf will enter the fold.

When he removes the blindfold, he sees a midget who isn't even taller than him when he's sitting down. The roars of laughter from his group of friends will be heard all the way down the road.

The performance will last between 13 to 15 minutes. To earn your friend's forgiveness after what you've just put him through, book the group in for a sirloin steak dinner with some beers for soakage before continuing the celebrations. 

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • There's no maximum participant limit for the midget stripper surprise show. Bring as many people as you like to add to the embarrassment.
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