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Football Darts in Budapest

What's Included
  • 60 min. track rental
  • Pissup Guide
  • Football Dart
  • Referee
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Foot Darts

Hit The Bullseye!

Why play a standard game of ball when you can play dart football for your mate's stag do in Budapest? A game that combines precision and plenty of laughs.

Are you ready for a few rounds of football darts? Imagine a game of football played like darts alongside your buddies. Line up the ball and see who can kick a triple 20. No doubt there will be a couple of out of bounds shots, but that's what it's all about, right? Test your accuracy and shooting skills to see who is the real football champion.

What To Expect

One of our guides will meet you at an agreed meeting point and take you to the football darts. Before things kick off, you'll undergo a briefing to learn how to lay out the game and the rules and be shown exactly what to do to give you the best possible chance of hitting the target.

The rules are pretty simple. Line up the footballs and kick them at a massive dartboard. The balls will have velcro straps on them so that they stick, but you have to make sure you hit them hard enough. Whichever team rounds up the most points will be crowned champion at the end.

Before you start, you'll be split into separate teams, and then the madness will unfold. Let's hope you're on top form, or you could cost the boys the game.

Just so things go according to plan, and the rules are followed, a referee will be in charge of the game and keeping the score. No fast ones now, gents. Let's keep things fair for everyone.

This game will be played either on an indoor or outdoor rented football pitch, depending on the availability of the day. The whole experience lasts 60 minutes, and the final winner will be decided at the end.

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What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The bachelor party can wear smooth football shoes ideal for football pitches or, if you'd prefer, caterpillar soles that are made for artificial grass fields.
  • Please also wear athletic gear so you're entirely comfortable during the game.
  • We'll notify you beforehand to let you know if the activity will be held on an indoor or outdoor field. The weather can impact where the activity is hosted.

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