Full Metal Jacket Shooting Budapest

Full Metal Jacket in Budapest

Full Metal Jacket in Budapest

What's Included

  • 51 shots total with 6 different guns
  • Private Bus Transfer
  • All Safety Equipment
  • Instruction in English
  • Friendly Pissup Guide
  • Overview

Full Metal Jacket - EXCLUSIVE to P-ssup - you know the movie, now shoot the guns!

Here at P-ssup we pride ourselves on being the most hardcore of all stag do companies. And when it comes to shooting guns in Budapest, we've got it locked down. The Full Metal Jacket shooting package includes some SERIOUSLY heavy fire power...including the kick a-- kicks-like-hell, AK-47, and an amazing pump action shotgun.

You'll get a whopping 51 shots with 6 different guns. Even the most experienced gun toting vetran will be satisfied after FULL METAL JACKET.

How it Works

BEFORE: Your guide will meets you at your accommodation, and then take you via private bus transport to the location. Approx. 30 minute transfer to range - if accommodation is central! Bus collects 15 to 30 minutes later depending on group size

SHOOTING: When you arrive you'll get safety instructions (you'll need them!). Then on with the shooting!

Each person shoots with 5 guns, from weakest to strongest (in power).

Up to 3 people shoot can shoot at a time. You'll get to try the Pump Action Shot gun at a separate range.

What You'll Get

This is the full list of ALL the weapons you'll get to try on your Full Metal Jacket Budapest stag shooting experience:

22LR MCM - 10 rounds 9x19 BUL -Glock17: 15 rounds .38 Taurus 357: 6 rounds 12/70 Remington 870 Tactical: 5 rounds 7,62x39 AK 47 10 rounds 7,62x39 SKS Simonov: 5 rounds

Activity Combo Ideas

After you've hit the shooting range you'll have worked up an apetite - and maybe even blasted those cobwebs away. Now it's on to P-ssup round 2. But wait! You want to get a good meal inside you...stamina and all that.

Book our Start Up Steak, exactly how it sounds - steak and fries, plus a shot of Palinka, and 2 large beers!

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