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Paintball in Budapest

4.79/5 ( 14 reviews )
What's Included
  • mask and protective clothing
  • 120 min. track rental
  • Referee
  • 200 x Paintballs
  • Driver
  • Private transfer to activity
  • Pissup Guide
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Assault your mates with your balls!

Situated on the outskirts of Budapest, on a disused army base, the site has great abandoned buildings, trenches and the surrounding forests.

Includes 2-hours of paintball game, 200 paintballs, safety equipment, gun hire, instruction, and transport to and from. Extra paintballs can be purchased on the spot.

The Paintball Budapest Experience

Forget day-dreaming about being in an action movie, this is real war out in the open. You may have ripped it up in Budapest’s most full-on bars the previous night, you may now feel like something has crawled into your mouth and died, but believe us when we tell you: the paintballing we take you to will be a cure for all your ills. Once you’re suited and booted in your fatigue-style camouflage outfits and handed a gun you’ll be reborn as soldiers for the day.

The field, which is about 30 to 40 minutes outside the city, is a perfect place for this afternoon of madness to take place. It’s filled with exactly the kind of obstacles and is on the perfect rough terrain so you can hide, defend or ambush your enemies. While with the airsoft activity getting hit feels like nothing you will feel each paintball that connects. And if it’s at close-enough range it will leave a mark. The common refrain from the guys who do this activity is “bloody hell it hurts” (or in stronger language) but you won’t know it till you get there!

Like a lot of our adrenaline charged activities this one is perfect to get your blood going. After listening to a short safety demo you can quickly divide yourselves up into teams, then let this primal game of survival of the fittest begin. Someone prank you the night before? Time to get your revenge: maybe one of your mates is too tight to buy a round? Time to pay him back.

Paintballski is the kind of activity where man’s natural competitiveness comes out, and in this situation everyone wants to be the alpha male. Play different scenarios like capturing the flag, death match, and castle – re-enacting all those first person shoot ’em up games, like Call of Duty, but in real life. And with paintballs that leave a mark you will want to be top when it’s game over.

Extra Info

Although there is no drinking on the bus there, and there’s no booze on site – you won’t need it, the adrenaline will be enough! You’ll want to be sharp or you might find yourself in the line of fire.

This is an activity you can play all year round, but is most popular when the weather is good. So remember to book as soon as possible to get your slot.

You will be starved when you finish, so why not add a BBQ and beer to get your strength back? Aim for their thighs to get the biggest welts.

What can you add?

+Sexy Hitchhiker for paintball
+Female Stripper
+Lesbo-show (2 female strippers performing)
+ammunition for paintball (100 paintballs)
+goulash or BBQ for 1 hours with unl beer/wine

Paintball in Budapest

Rated "Excellent" with 4.79/5 Based on 14+ reviews.

Paintballski in Budapest - it's paintball war time - assault your mates with your balls!

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